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How To Get A Thai Passport In Bangkok


If you, your partner or “friend” needs to get a Thai passport in Bangkok, here’s the scoop. My girlfriend needed a renewal and I decided it was worth going along to see how the service matched up to the UK. Apologies in advance for the poor-quality pictures.

We took a cab to Chang Wattana, which is the place to get Thai passports in the KOK, although some people go to Central Bangna, apparently.  The journey cost us 125 Baht – including the toll way – and took 15-20 minutes from Huay Kwang (where we currently reside). We got there at around 11am, although I’d recommend getting there around 9am if you want to be in and out sharply.

how to get thai passport

Go straight to up the escalator to the second floor and bypass all the translation/visa touts that try to get you to buy their services. You’re there for a Thai passport, so you won’t need anything they have to sell.

What Documents You Need To Get A Thai Passport

  • Thai ID card.
  • Tabien Baan.
  • Two passport photos.
  • Details of your current address.
  • If you’re getting a child Thai passport and you are a foreigner, your Thai partner must be present.
  • If you’re a foreign national, take your passport too.
  • ** Get photocopies of your documents too. It’s always handy, just in case they ask.
chaeng wattana Thai passport

Join this queue and watch crap TV for a while

Walk straight as you go in and take the escalator to the first floor. Hang a right at the top of the escalator and join the queue for the ticket window. Show your ID card, get a ticket and take a seat.

We were number 982 and the screen was showing 763. “Holy crap”, I thought, “We’ll be here all day”. Let’s get a coffee (any excuse).

There’s two coffee shops on the ground floor and a big restaurant with reasonable food options. Very handy. We spent 30 minutes downstairs having food and drinks and went back to join the queue.

To our surprise the screen was showing number 910 already!

I whipped out my laptop and starting tinkering on some work as the queue quickly filtered down. Within 20 minutes my girlfriend had gone in to get her passport. She was out within 15 minutes!

The cost was 1000 Baht and 60 Baht to post to our home within 4-6 days. Note that you pay after at a separate counter on your way out.

It really is an extremely efficient service. It took one hour tops. It’s comfortable there, clean, there’s food, coffee, TV, plenty of toilets and photocopying facilities, etc.  Taxis stop regularly outside so you’ll have no trouble getting home.  I’m not sure what the nearest BTS/MRT station is but it’s not close.

Give the taxi driver this address:

> Chaeng Watthana, 13 Yaek 3-2-15, แขวง ทุ่งสองห้อง เขต หลักสี่ Bangkok 10210

Source: http://www.thethailandlife.com/thai-passport-bangkok

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